16 July: The Return Home


I have returned from Bangalore and it feels like no time has passed. Since I left America in January it seems like everything and nothing has changed. 

I celebrated my quarter century birthday. I have seen and gotten familiar with a very different part of the world. I felt like a true outsider for the first time. I got engaged to an incredible human and artist. I have a new body of work and many more aspirations than I left with. 

There was a lot that happened in India that I did not feel the need to write about because I was experiencing it in real time and documenting it in my sketch books. In the future perhaps I will regret that decision but for now I am happy I was able to live in the moment. It wont be the last time I go to India and I’m sure I will have ample opportunity to get more writing done in the future. 

I started the beginnings of what I think will be a two volume graphic novel that will be based on my travels over the past few years. The first book will be on the National Parks adventure I went on and the second volume will be about India. So that is the nightly project I have been working on recently. 

My mother and I recently held an Open Studio together in my hometown. We had a busy weekend in Guilford with the Craft Fair happening around the corner from her studio and there were quite a few people who made it to our humble event. She and I will do another show together in the future. Nishant returns to America in a week and he and I will be driving back to Colorado for a month where we will tie the knot on our beloved goat farm. 

That’s all for now. Please be in touch!

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