Emma Lucille is an artist and illustrator who grew up on the New England coastline. She is often traveling and can be found enjoying the local culture of whatever country she happens to be in. Her work is represented by a wide range of projects including; murals, custom illustrations, book repairs and binding, zine collaborations, children’s book illustrations and hand lettering requests. Passionate about telling stories, Emma encourages you to get in touch with questions about her work or possible projects you'd like to see come to life.

Emma completed a two month artist residency in 2017 at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado. From there she started a six month road trip through America's National Parks and public lands. She recently returned from Bangalore, India where she lived for six months with her partner and fellow artist, Nishant John. 

Thanks for stopping by and please be in touch!

Image credits: Alik Versocki Photography, Jay York Photo and Russell French Photography. 


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